C Kent has solution for every industry of business, attuned to your needs.

Serving you needs C Kent Cloud Solution is committed to provide technology that is a perfect fit for your organization!


The reliable platform which is for smooth upgrades with professional advice and help to customer.


Early notifications about critical security issues and with providing enterprise-grade security features and hardening.


With good and professional experience, provide the expertise services to our customers.

Multi-direction of the access

Direct access to our solutions with people in between. All directions of solution will be provided.

Serving your needs

C Kent Cloud Solution is committed to provide technology that is a perfect fit for your company. Cloud Solution offers LDAP/Active Directory, SAML and authentication, It access data on (s) FTP, WebDAV, Windows Network and others.

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C Kent Cloud

IT Stays in Control

Our Cloud Solution Access Control enables administrators to defining data access rules and checking actions based on location, group membership, type, tags and other properties.

System Integration

Simple deployment, configuration and integration lower costs and reduce the risk while leveraging the existing IT Budget.

Start Your Journey to Better Business

Profile Analytics

Profile analytics provide many information and understand the business actions and behavior. Deep checking with intuitive overview, it can check out more and analysis on it.  

Sign of the Times

World has gone to digital and that means eliminating as much paper as possible. And it accepts the most powerful e-Signature capabilities.  

Enhance the Onboarding Experience

We all know how difficult it can be to find, hire, and onboard top talent today. Creating a portal for new technology capabilities on the use of convenient on mobile device.

Enterprise –Level Services

C Kent Cloud Solution understands the challenges and have developed proven solutions that meet your scalability, security, and engagement needs.

A Partner Who Can Grow with You

IT Solution can meet your scalability requirements, empowering you to work with the speed and agility of a small company while sharing valuable knowledge and resources across the entire workforce.

Enterprise-Grade Security

By following industry-standard security best practices, Cloud solution protects confidential data and eases compliance