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In most business, the decision to which ERP system a company select to streamline and standardise its operations lies with the finance director who bases on the decision on the financial modules avaliable.

However, a more cost-effective way is to perform the customizations outside the ERP either in the ground floor to collection within the basic. Our specially supported, cost-effective opeations are helpful to company's need.

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Custom Solutions

The flexibility of tool is important to company's operation. Other than the standard packages, we provide the custom-made solutions to the end user and in order to have a bigger help on their business operation.

ERP Solution

We provide bespoke ERP solutions for the business operation. We understand that the way your company and your system run is unique and that you face challenges and problems gathered by the overall methods. ERP can solve your problems and increase your efficiencies.

CRM Solution

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application, it tracks sales opportunities and increase the sales amount by using the CRM solutions. It is a powerful tools to use these applications that meet all the needs of your field sales and customer service teams.

Warehouse Solution

Warehouse management system provides the base of software on robust programs, controlled by simple parameters. The combinations we offer are smart, agile, flexible and adaptable and give you powerful, precise problem-solving functionality.

Control System

Control System is widely used in many different companies. It can control the material levels and related orders from supplier. During the process of the operations, the control is the most important to the business. It can facilitate the process in a good and smart way to business.

BI Reporting

BI reporting is very powerful for business. After you have your business operation and related business run on the certain of figures, Business Intelliegnt report is a powerful tool to check for business achievement and profitability.

AS/400 Services Solutions

We provide the services and solutions to the AS/400 solutions. Client can easily input the data and generate a lot report for their business usage. Check out the profitability on the business by using different of reports. Our expertise can provide related reports and figure for client to look deeply.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ERP is a core operation of every business. Huge amount of data are needed to be processed and operated every day. Our experts can implement ERP system to match the workflow and operation of a specific business. The tailor-made ERP system is highly efficient and integrates seamlessly with the unique operation of the business.

Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)

Online Analytical Process is important to business because it enables operators to instantly receive and analyse data. Once the front end staff has inputted the data, the backend management can access the analysis figure at the back. Good decision making will be done.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Business Intelligence is the good tool for people to use. BI can gather the data and do different kinds of analysis. Extract Tranform Load will be good for analysis from data warehouse.

Data Warehouse (DW)

Data Warehouse is a system that integrates data from many different sources within a business for reporting and analysis. All the reports created from complex queries can be used for making good business decisions.

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With the help of C Kent, the new ERP system implements smoothly. They take care of all things nicely.

Henry White


ERP implementation is a hard job to us. C Kent can provide a good guideline and checklist which give us a good solution.

Jermy Ho